5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments is Best for Business Travelers

5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments is Best for Business Travelers | Dawton Properties

With businesses now located in different locations, it is now very common to send business teams to attend meetings to different locations. But to send these teams on a trip would cost money for the business owners.

Transportation costs would need to be factored in. these depend if they will take the plane, ride the train, hire a shuttle, or use their cars. Aside from that, miscellaneous expenses would also come up.

Finally, accommodations for the group should be chosen as well. To most travelers, the obvious reasons would be to book in a hotel. But if you are the business owner, did you know that you can save some expenses if you book in a serviced apartment?

Emerging as a more viable choice for those looking at quality accommodations, serviced apartments provide you with amenities just like a hotel and much more. Here are the reasons:

  1. Cost

The rates are generally lower, especially if you plan on staying longer.  At most, you can stay at £90 a night in a serviced apartment. This rate can also accommodate three other people. This is cost-efficient when you book in a hotel and get charged per person during your stay.


  1. Privacy

There are fewer rooms in an apartment, which means that foot traffic will also be lesser. You will not have to worry about getting crowded with other guests in the lobby. You can have a more relaxed and peaceful surrounding.

Aside from that, only you can have access to your room. To give the guests more privacy, the cleaning crew come weekly or more frequently, depending on the guests’ requests. Other apartment employees are available to assist guests at all times.


  1. Quality

Another benefit of staying in serviced apartments is receiving the same standard of accommodation that you would expect in a hotel such as linens, pillows, towels, TV, and Wi-Fi access are also provided. Aside from that, each unit is equipped with a fully functional kitchen with a washer and dryer.

With these amenities alone, you can save expenses on dining out because they can cook in their kitchen. If you are a business traveler on a per diem, you can prepare meals in the comfort of your apartments instead of dining at restaurants or ordering through room service.

You can also get your clothes cleaned without sending them to the cleaners. You have the equipment you’ll need without going out.

And at the end of your busy day, you can relax at your apartment by watching your Netflix shows. Or you can prepare and email your reports using a strong internet connection.


  1. Space

Floor areas are generally bigger in these accommodations. This translates to more breathing space for occupants. Since there are separate areas for the kitchen, the living room, and the sleeping area, everyone can have their place to relax or work.

This is especially helpful for guests who want to unwind after a long meeting. You can take your meal, while the other people in the team can watch their shows in peace. You can even create a nook to attend a video conference or other personal meeting.


  1. Flexibility

By now, you would have imagined the freedom you can get if you stay in a serviced apartment. It will be similar to staying in a home away from home, with the amenities and facilities available for its guests.

While you can cook your meals in your apartment, you can also eat out and see what the city has to offer. You can also bring in guests to dine in your place.


Not just for business travelers

Of course, serviced apartments are also suited for families looking for accommodation. Family members would also enjoy staying in a place that suits their needs and budget.

To save on booking, it is also best to book directly with the website. At Dawton Properties, you are guaranteed with the lowest rates if you book at https://dawtonproperties.com/. Aside from that, you can also cancel your booking within 7 days without incurring charges.

All our rooms are cleaned and sanitized before you stay. Each unit is equipped with modern amenities that will make your stay enjoyable.


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