Why Choose Serviced Apartments?

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Finding an ideal accommodation when you travel is an important decision. You’ll want to relax after a day’s activity. You’ll also want to be comfortable at your place in case you want to just stay indoors.

Staying at a serviced apartment will provide you with the comfort and amenities that you need. If this is not your go-to accommodation, this might be the perfect opportunity to book your stay. Recently, serviced apartments have become a viable choice for travelers who need a place to stay for longer days, but not spend too much. Whether for vacations or business travels, you will find that serviced apartments are a good choice.

Benefits of choosing serviced apartments

Not all accommodations are the same. Some offer more space and more facilities that will make it worth your stay. If you are still deciding where to stay on your next travel, you will surely enjoy your stay in a serviced apartment.

One of the benefits of a serviced apartment is the bigger space it offers. There are separate bedroom, dining area, and living room. You won’t book just one room, but practically the whole house.

You can choose your apartment depending on the number of people in your group. Some properties can house 2 people or 4 people. There are even apartments that can accommodate up to 8 people. These guests even get separate beds each.

Families on a trip will benefit from this large space because they can easily see one another. In hotels, you can request adjoining rooms, if there are available. But there is no need for adjoining rooms in serviced apartments because you are all staying in one large room.  There is more time to bond with one another.

Corporate travelers can also benefit from choosing to stay in a bigger property. There won’t be a need for you to shuttle the group from one residence to another. It will also allow your team members to plan your workday easily. And of course, after a day’s work, you can all unwind together.

Even if you are in a large group, you have enough room to do your thing. You can watch TV in peace even if others want to eat or sleep.

The second benefit of staying in a serviced apartment is the facilities offered. Aside from the bed, bathroom, and TV set that are usually found in other accommodations, apartments come with a fully functional kitchen and washer.

These facilities will make you feel at home, even if you are on a trip. You have a fully functional kitchen, which gives you the freedom to cook your own meals. Choosing to stay in a serviced apartment with complete kitchen facilities will allow you to prepare your own food for as long as you like. Eating out can get overrated after several days.

The third benefit of staying in a serviced apartment is the savings. You save on room rates because service apartments are considerably cheaper. And the rates go lower if you stay longer. This could be the reason why serviced apartments are a good choice for families who are planning to relocate to another place. They can stay for as long as they need until they can get a more permanent housing facility.

For corporate clients, serviced apartments are also a good choice if they have a long-term project in the area. They save on room fees but still get to stay in comfortable lodging. They can also turn their place into a mini-conference area.

At Dawton Properties, we aim to provide the best service to our guests. We offer luxurious accommodation at the best rates. Come see our different properties in Cambridgeshire.

Our facilities are complete and fully functional. If you find that you are unfamiliar with how our equipment works, we provided the QR codes to connect you to a video tutorial. You’ll probably never want to go out since everything you need is available.

We have guest managers who can assist you. They are just a phone call away, in case you have other concerns and inquiries.

Get additional discounts if you book directly at our site. You won’t find a lower rate elsewhere.

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