When looking for accommodations, how do you decide where to stay? Are you looking for convenience? What about familiarity with the place?

If your go-to place is a hotel, maybe it’s time to explore other options such as serviced apartments. You will have the same experience and much more.

A Better Option for You

When going on a trip, your destination and travel arrangements are usually decided beforehand. If you have not arranged for your accommodation, why not book your stay at a serviced apartment? Due to the changing preference of travelers, serviced apartments have become a viable option for those who want to have a relaxing stay. Here are some more reasons:

  1. Spaceserviced apartments have 30% more floor space than hotels. You can imagine how spacious your place will be with this extra area. You will have a separate area for sleeping, eating, and relaxing. Everyone in your group will have space for their activities. This will be a different experience than your hotel stay where the whole room is only for sleeping and a small sofa.

Some of our properties, like The Beacon and Peterborough House sleep 10 or more guests — making them the ideal choice if you need plenty of space for your stay!

You also do not necessarily have to book separate rooms. Some apartments can accept up to 6 people. Thus, your group does not have to be separated. Family members on a trip do not have to ask for adjoining rooms because they can all fit in one apartment. Corporate travellers will be in proximity with one another, and can easily have a quick meeting before the day starts.

  1. Facilities – each room in the serviced apartment comes with facilities that will make you feel at home. You will get a TV set with video streaming access, and a Wi-Fi connection. You can also make your coffee and tea. Upon check-in, you will also receive a welcome gift. And your towels and linens are also provided.

But aside from that, you will have a washer and dryer to make sure your clothes are always clean. You can wash it anytime.  And you don’t have to pay for a separate laundry service.

 More importantly, you get a fully-functional kitchen. You and your companions can have the freedom to cook your meals. Whether you are a budding chef or an average cook, you can prepare your daily meal according to your preference. This is your advantage over staying at a hotel where you have to eat out or call room service.

  1. Savings – you might think that staying in an apartment is costly, with all its amenities. But in fact, it is more cost-efficient to stay here. For one, the rate is charged per room and not per person. For the maximum number of people that can stay in the apartment, you will get your money’s worth. And if you are planning on staying much longer, the rates will considerably go lower. There are also special rates if you are staying for several months.

Aside from the savings on room rates, you can save on other services because of the amenities found in your apartment.  Your meals can be taken care of without leaving the facilities. Why not brew your own coffee while you’re at it?

Another savings from staying in a serviced apartment is the extra space you get for work. If you need to conduct a mini-conference, you don’t need to rent a meeting room because you can hold it in the apartment.

While you will not get a daily cleaning service, rest assured that each room is cleaned before your use. During your stay, the cleaning crew will come once a week, or frequently depending on your preference.

Serviced apartments can come in budget or luxury type. Before you book, you can choose a studio apartment plus the number of rooms you need. Guests are also provided 24-hour security.

Travel shouldn’t be a chore if you like your destination. Why not book in a serviced apartment and enjoy a different kind of accommodation? Most of these establishments are located near the city center. If not, you can easily access your apartment through public transportation. There are no hidden costs when you book your stay.

Come and experience how it feels to stay in your home away from home.