Where to find secluded walks in Cambridge

For times when you want peace and serenity, finding the right quiet spot is a must. Look around Cambridge to find the place that’s just right for you.


  1. Hardwick Wood

The quiet walk you are looking for is just a short drive away from Cambridge. When you get to Hardwick Road, enjoy walking along the paths and glades tucked along the pathway.

You will also get a feeling of solitude amidst the humming of the birds. Stay until twilight to experience tranquil in the woods. You can either take your bike or car to get here.


  1. Hayley Wood

Be surrounded by flowers and trees, which are abundant in the place. Roam around 52 acres of land and see fungi, insects, and birds.


  1. Cherry Hinton Chalk Pit

If you want a unique quiet spot, then this is the right place for you.

The place used to be a chalk quarry, thus giving it an extraterrestrial feel.  With the quarrying days over, the Cherry Hinton Chalk Pit is now home to wildlife.

You can also see wildflowers and 60 species of birds all over Cherry Hinton.


  1. Beechwoods Nature Reserve, Great Shelford

This nature reserve is the best place to be if you want to see wildlife. Enjoy your walk along with ancient trees. It is also home to two types of woodpeckers and other small birds.


  1. Milton Country Park

Located just a short distance from the city, Milton Country Park gives you the quiet space you need. You can also bring your bicycle along. The county park also has a path that is accessible to wheelchairs.

The 95-acre site is home to different bird species. You can have a fun time listening to the noisy call of each bird. Watch these birds swim along the lake with their young ones.

For sure, after spending alone time in these secluded walks, you’ll be recharged. You’ll be ready to face the daily grind again.