More than an open, grassy field for strolling, Parker’s Piece is historic in its own right. Whether you want to take a walk or be nostalgic, Parker’s Piece is a good destination for you and your family.


Originally, Trinity College was the owner of Parker’s Piece. In 1613, the college exchanged this land with the town of Cambridge. The name “Parker’s Piece” is taken from Edward Parker, a cook from Trinity College who first leased the land to the college.

Since then, Parker’s Piece is a favorite area for sporting events. Cricket matches were held here. This was also the site of varsity matches between the University of Cambridge and Oxford University. And most importantly, it was on this land where the rules of modern football were established. If you happen to be in Parker’s Piece, come and see the sculpture that commemorates its role in football history.

Parker’s Piece is also part of the celebration for Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1838. This is where the feast for 15,000 guests was held, to celebrate Her Majesty’s coronation.

Modern Day

Nowadays, Parker’s Piece is a good place to take a stroll or enjoy a day out. The well-manicured lawns make the place a good venue for a picnic, too. It is also near other interesting sites, such as Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church. Ad because of the wide expanse of the place, it was also used as a site for previous Race for Life Events.

You can also visit Reality Checkpoint. Locals have different versions with the origin of the name, so perhaps you can see for yourself why it’s called as such.

Parker’s Piece is accessible by car. This is also the stop for long-distance coaches and local buses. So even if you are from out of town, it would be easy for you to visit this place.