Know Some War Lessons at the Museum

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The Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire shows the vehicles and other memorabilia used during the war. If you want to see vintage items, this museum should be in your itinerary.

What can you expect to see here? Feast your eyes on the following:

  • Aircraft
  • See these aircraft up close and learn how they fly. You will also learn how the soldiers use these during the war, as well as the tactics they used as they join the war by air.


  • Military Vehicles
  • Go through three themed landscapes depicting the Second World War in Northern Europe, the Forgotten War, and the Normandy Experience. You can see the different trucks, tanks, and other weapons used. In this part of the museum, you will also learn how the war on land has changed from the First World War up to the present conflicts.


  • Air and Sea Vehicles
  • Learn more about the naval aircraft and boats used during the war. You can also get behind the cockpit of some of the aircraft used. See the vehicles used during the Falklands War. You can also see some restored vehicles that are still used for demonstration flying.

This is the largest museum showing aviation history in Cambridgeshire. When you walk through the halls of IWM, know that this is where our soldiers walked during the war.

Also on exhibit are mementos and stories about the men and women who took part in the war. You can learn about the soldier who took part in the Second World War or the team who worked in the Operations Room during one of the battles in 1940. You can also see the uniforms and tools used by previous regiments.

You need to pre-book your ticket to visit. Admission prices range from £19.80 for adults and £9.90 for children. Group rates for families are also available.




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