In a nutshell, your serviced apartment contains facilities and amenities that you would usually find in a home.  Aside from the bed and bath, you have a fully functional kitchen, laundry facilities, TV and Netflix, Wi-Fi, and internet access. All these facilities and services are included in your apartment at a much lower cost if you stay in other accommodations.

If you have been traveling a lot, finding the ideal accommodation should be your prime consideration. Aside from the price, your comfort is also important. Let’s discuss what serviced apartments have to offer and why you should book your next stay here.

  1. Bigger Space

Serviced apartments provide you with separate areas for sleeping, dining, and relaxing. The bigger space allows you and your other companions to move around comfortably. You can watch TV, entertain guests, or even read a book in peace while the other people can do their activities elsewhere.

For business trips, you can easily conduct a small meeting in your apartment. You can shave off travel time because you don’t have to go somewhere else for your meeting.

The extra space is a big departure from other accommodations, like hotels, where the bed, couch, and dining area are all located in one room. You won’t have to eat in your bed because there is a dining area.

  1. Fully Equipped Unit

You will get access to facilities that will make you feel like you never left home. Each apartment is equipped with a fully functional kitchen. Although you might choose to dine out during your first few days, eventually you will get tired and might want to prepare the meals yourself. Your wallet and waistline will probably thank you later.

The kitchen comes with pots, pans, and other cutlery that you will need to prepare meals for your group. It will be easier to entertain guests over because you can easily whip up a dish or two.

You can also find a fully functional dishwasher in the apartment. If you have a dishwasher, you’ll never have to worry whose turn it is to wash the dishes. Just load your dishes in the washer, and call it a day.

You will also find a washer and dryer in your apartment. When traveling, having access to a washing machine is essential because it means that you can wash your clothes anytime you want. Whether you travel light, or you like to bring your whole wardrobe, you’ll never run out of clean clothes. And if you want to go for a more dapper look, flat iron and ironing board are also included in the apartment.

Other apartments also offer communal gym facilities for the guests. If you cannot miss your gym sessions, better check with the apartment if this is available.

With these facilities available for your use, you’ll be saving some money because you won’t have to pay extra for these services.

  1. Complimentary towels, toiletries, bedding, and linen

Like any other accommodations, you will be provided with bedding and linen for the bedroom. Towels and toiletries are also available. These are made of quality thread count for your comfort.


To sum up, serviced apartments come fully equipped with facilities and other amenities for the use of its guests. There is no extra charge for using these.

Enjoy privacy

Apartments are self-catering, meaning you won’t have to rely on staff to assist you as you settle. A weekly cleaning service is provided, to lessen the intrusion in your unit. However, maintenance staff is always available and is a phone call away.

Savings Guaranteed

We offer apartments that are less expensive, such as Alpha Cottage and we also have more luxurious accommodation to choose from, like The Beaufort House, Perseus House or our beautiful Hartley Ave House.

Guests who stay in serviced apartments are able to save a lot. First, the rates are much lower even for luxurious accommodations.

Also, apartments are bigger and can accommodate up to 9 people comfortably. You and your companion won’t have to pay for individual rooms.

Second, since each unit is fully furnished, you can cook your own meals instead of relying on food delivery or room service.  Dry cleaning bills can also be avoided or lessened since you can use the washer provided for you.

For entertainment, you can use the complimentary Wi-Fi and Netflix. Go out and mingle like a local. And you can come home to watch Netflix and chill.