Walking Routes in Cambridge You Can Try

A vibrant city such as Cambridge is best appreciated on foot. When you’re walking, you can set your own pace. You can choose to linger or speed-walk your way to your itinerary.  Here are the routes you can follow:


  1. City Walks

You’ll start with Cambridge, follow a circular route to see the city’s wonderful buildings, then pass by the old churches. You can also catch a glimpse of Fenner’s until you get to the river Cam.

This route runs for about 3.1 miles and will take about 2 hours to complete the route.


  1. Religious Tour

For this route, you will see several ancient and historic churches. You’ll start with St. Edward King and Martyr Church, followed by St. Benet’s, then King’s College chapel. If your schedule permits, you can go up the church tower in your next destination, Great St. Mary’s Church. Afterward, you’ll go to the Round Church, then All Saints Church, the Wesley Methodist Church. The last church in this route is the Holy Trinity Church.


This route runs about 1.2 miles and will take about 1 hour to complete. All the churches you will visit have special places in the city’s history.


  1. Cambridge Colleges Walk

This route covers the city’s well-known landmarks, which also includes the King’s College, Trinity College, and the Backs. Aside from the college buildings, you’ll also pass by Parker’s Piece and Scott-Polar Research Center.


Since you can set your own pace, feel free to go on a detour and fill up on any of the pubs, cafes, restaurants, and food stalls you’ll pass by. Some of these establishments are famous and historic in their own right. And it would be worth your time to see what’s on their menu.


This route runs for less than a mile and will take about an hour to complete. Some colleges do not allow visitors during examinations.


Remember to wear comfortable clothing when you go on your tour. You’ll have rediscovered the city when you complete any of these routes.


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