Find Short Term Stays for Business Trips in Cambridge

Find Short Term Stays for Business Trips in Cambridge | Dawton Properties

Cambridge is home to science business parks and technological companies. And it’s no wonder visitors would come to the city for business.

Whether you will stay in Cambridge for a short time or a few weeks more, it makes sense to go to short term properties. You can stay in a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment, and these are within your budget. It will be more convenient to rent a place in Cambridge than brave the daily commute while you conduct your business.

You can choose among the many available accommodations in the city. Whether you are a small group or a big group, you will find a place that suits you. Some of these apartments provide parking. But otherwise, you can rely on public transportation to get around. Or you can use your bike. After all, Cambridge is a cycling capital, and you won’t feel out of place.

If you want to relocate your business to Cambridge, you will be in good company. The city is home to several R & D companies, food processing companies, eco-businesses, and start-ups, among others.

The Cambridge Science Park is home to over 130 businesses. These companies employ the brightest graduates of the university. Some of the works done in the science park are for medicine use, artificial intelligence, defense, and connectivity. There are many more companies setting up shop here in the future.

There are about 130 influential businesses in Cambridge. These range from the academe, public relations, sports company, technology companies, distribution company, and real estate, to name a few. Some of these are start-ups, owned by corporations, or family-owned.

Cambridge is also a short drive from London. After conducting your business here, you can go on to the neighboring city without a problem.

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