Memories are created when a family does activities like going on a holiday or visiting new places. Sometimes, even a weekend getaway is enough time to bond with the family. Young children will especially remember these travels.

If you normally check-in at hotels, you’ll be surprised to know that there are other options available for your family. One of the options for you is serviced apartments. While these have been primarily for corporate or business travel, families will also enjoy their stay here. Whether you are a big group or small, there is room for everyone. You might stay longer than you intended!


Serviced apartments can accommodate up to 9 people, depending on the unit you will book. For instance, our properties Peterborough House and Hartley Ave House both sleep 9 guests. This equates to everyone sleeping comfortably and having their own space. Some apartments offer up to three bedrooms, and everyone in your group will have their own bed to sleep in.

There is a separate place for lounging and relaxing while watching movies. And most importantly, you can properly have your meals on a dining table.

If you stayed in a hotel, you might have to book separate rooms because your group will not fit in one unit only. You won’t be able to see each other as often as you like because they are in a different room.


For most of your holiday, you will surely be outside and exploring all the wonderful sites in the area. But for those moments when you don’t feel like going out, you won’t be bored inside your apartment.

Each unit comes with a TV, Netflix, and Wi-Fi, all complimentary for the guests. This means that if you are not going outside, you can catch up on your favourite series.

Children can also play inside. They can build a fort or go hide and seek because there is enough space to run around. They can even do artwork on the dining table.

While most apartments will not allow you to host a party, you can still invite some guests over. If you’re entertaining friends, just be sure to keep your noise to a minimum.


Serviced apartments have a fully functional kitchen. So if you like to cook, you will surely have that opportunity.

Of course, you will want to try out the local cuisine when you travel. But after some time, you’ll miss the meals at home. Some children might have food allergies too, so it’s best to prepare something that you know will be safe for them.

You can also experiment with local ingredients that you saw during your trip. If the local market is part of your itinerary, you would surely see some interesting products that you can add to the meal.


Even if your family is on a holiday, you can still maintain a semblance of home. You and your family won’t have to adjust a lot of your routines. It means that you don’t have to get up early to fall in line at the breakfast buffet. In fact, you can take your meals anytime you want since you are in charge of your kitchen. And if the children would request a particular food that they like, you can easily make it for them.

If nap time is a sacred tradition, you won’t have to tiptoe around the sleeping children. Just tuck them in their bed and you can go to the communal area to unwind.


The best part of staying in a serviced apartment is the savings. For one, the rates are much lower compared to other accommodations. You’ll be paying per apartment, per night and there are no other additional charges. If you are staying longer, your rates will even go lower.

Second, since your unit is fully equipped, you won’t have to pay for extra service. You don’t have to pay room service for your food because you can prepare it yourself. There’s no need to order takeouts for every meal.

You will also cut back on laundry expenses because you can wash these in your apartment. If your clothes get soiled, you don’t have to rush to the store to get a new set. Just wash and dry the clothes and you’re good to go.

Traveling with the family should be a fun experience. While it can be challenging to bring all the accessories you need for the children, knowing that you will be staying in good accommodation should put your mind at ease.