Construction Ongoing on Whittlesey

Construction Ongoing on Whittlesey | Dawton Properties

The county’s council identified that King’s Dyke crossing needs to be replaced. After several consultations with concerned parties, a decision was approved that would benefit both the livelihood and traffic flow of the area.

The plan is to create a new route to bypass the existing level crossing. This plan also includes building two new roundabouts along Funthams Lane. There will be one roundabout on the east, while the other roundabout will be created on the opposite side of the lane. The brickworks access roads will also be constructed.

To complete this new route, construction work will entail significant earthworks and ground stabilization. A bridge will also be constructed on top of the railway line. Careful planning will be observed because the railway should remain open for most of the time.
The Secretary of Transport has approved the Side Roads order. This order allows improvements and alterations in the highway network.

Construction began in July this year, and work will continue until summer. The initial phase requires creating the embankment for the new road, as well as building the main site compound. Later in the year, putting up the structures for the bridge and underpass will be added.

When this project is complete, the current level crossing will be closed.

The contractor is Jones Bros. The approved budget is £32 million, plus a £1.5 million Covid-19 contingency fund. This whole project will adhere to the health protocols for the Coronavirus, as well as construction site laws.

Where to Stay

Interested parties who may want to be involved in this construction project can easily find accommodations nearby. Dawton Serviced Apartments have several properties for our corporate clients. Our apartments have room for up to 4 people or more. Each property is equipped with modern equipment to make your stay as comfortable as possible. A weekly cleaning service is available if you plan to stay longer.
We also follow health guidelines in cleaning and sanitizing our apartments before your check-in. Booking a room with us is easy.

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