We’ve gone on a walking tour and biking tour. We’ve toured churches, museums, and universities. So now we’re going on a tour that every foodie has to take.

This is the Cambridge Food Tour, where you will know more about the food in Cambridge.  Discover local food, new food offering, and your new favourite food.

“Must Do For A Foodie”

Spend 4-5 hours going around various locations. And these are not your usual tourist destination, so you know that you are in for a unique experience. Here are more reasons:

  1. Visit amazing food places

If you are the adventurous type, you will surely enjoy the different food choices that you will visit. Your lunchtime will be a special one on this tour. An important reminder though, the food served has been pre-ordered and it cannot be changed. So you have to inform the organizers of your diet restrictions beforehand.


  1. Taste some wine

Meals are better if paired with wine. And you will get to taste some of the best wines when you visit breweries.


  1. Support local industries

While enjoying your feast, you are also supporting the local restaurants by visiting them. And you can help them by spreading the word to your family and friends.


  1. Get some exercise

The organizers advised that this tour needs a high level of fitness. Indeed, this 4-hour tour entails a lot of walking. All this walking is probably a good idea to shed those pounds.


  1. Go on a group, or choose the private tour

The usual tour, which is given on a Saturday, is usually composed of 4 to 14 guests. But if you want a more familiar and intimate tour, you can inquire about the available dates. You only need a minimum of 10 participants to book the private tour.


The tours come highly recommended by those who have participated before. For a rate of £69.50, rediscover good food from Cambridge.

You can access this food tour, and similar tours, from many of our central Cambridge properties, like our two Ditton Fields apartments — apartments 113A and and 113B.