Now that England is in lockdown until December 2, residents might be wary if they will ever be allowed to go outside. The rules imposed during the spring lockdown may be a bit similar. Here are the restrictions to remember:

  • Pubs, restaurants, and bars must close. But food takeaways and deliveries are allowed, except for alcohol
  • All non-essential retail, leisure, and entertainment venues will be closed.
  • Mixing of households is banned but will be allowed for childcare or support reasons. Residents are allowed to exercise outdoors with one person outside their household,
  • Travel is restricted, except for work-related travels. Meanwhile, travel within the United Kingdom is also discouraged.
  • Residents are encouraged to stay at home. Conditions for going outside their homes are work (if it is impossible to do at home), education, exercise, medical reasons, caring for others, and for shopping for good or essentials.

For food and meals, customers can opt for takeaway, click and collect, delivery and drive-thru, UberEats, JustEat, and Deliveroo, It is best to check your favourite restaurant’s website to place your orders and confirm store hours. And while supermarkets are open, non-essential stores are closed. But they can open for click-and-collect delivery.

Schools and universities will remain open. Parents can accompany their school-age children to school, and this will not be counted towards the limit of two people meeting outside. This exception also applies to individuals with medical need those who care for them.

Work will remain open to some industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, real estate, etc. Similarly, non-essential travels are not allowed. Holiday travels, whether local and abroad, is not allowed. However, work trips are still allowed.

The lockdown is imposed to limit the number of infections, and to “save Christmas.” Experts say that when the restriction will be eased in December,  restrictions will still be followed.